Mediation Services

Are you separated or in the course of divorce? Do you need to sort out maintenance, the future of your home, payment of the mortgage?

Do you find it difficult to discuss the arrangements for the children with your partner?

Has communication broken down?

Divorce and separation is traumatic. You feel angry, confused or anxious about the future. You are often worried about discussing matters direct with your partner because conversations usually end in arguments.

Our mediators can offer you the opportunity to discuss and hopefully agree together how you will sort everything out. The content of the discussions are confidential until you are both ready to confirm your agreements.

Our mediators will not take sides, or make judgements, nor will they tell you what to do. Instead they will help you put forward your ideas, they will ask you to listen and ask questions of each other so that you fully understand all of the available options.

Mediation can help you improve communication with each other so that you can have a constructive conversation about the life changing decisions that you are about to make.

Dividing your savings, your home or assets such as your pensions can seem a daunting task. Discussing arrangements for the children when you are both anxious about what might happen can be difficult to agree.

All of our mediators are highly qualified lawyers who can help you understand your finances so that you can work out a way forward that you both agree and accept is fair.

Mediators are not allowed to give you legal advice but in the mediation meetings they will give you information about the legal process, the claims you can both make, the Court Orders that a Judge can make and the documents you both need to complete to ensure that your agreements will become legally binding.

With the help of our mediators it is possible to reach agreements that reduce animosity because you are both involved in the decision making process. The decisions are made at a pace that suits you both and therefore they should enable you and your family to move forward with your new lives.

In addition to separating couples mediation can help grandparents restore relationships with grandchildren and couples who are about to get married reach agreement on the terms of a prenuptial agreement.